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Baby First. Babies are the key to our future. There is nothing more meaningful for parents than their connection with their baby. Reasons enough for baby TV. Baby First TV is a multilingual online channel which caters to children of preschool age with an aim to educate and entertain them at the same time. The channel also provides an online shop and games in addition to the videos available on its site.

Baby First TV was created by Guy Oranim and Sharon Rechter who currently serve as its Chief Executive Officer and its Business and Marketing Director, respectively. It provides programmes developed with the aid of child development experts in a variety of languages, aimed at young babies and toddlers. The programmes on Baby First TV are both engaging and educational in keeping with its mission statement and range from interactive shows to animated cartoons that both young children and their parents can enjoy.

Main programmes of Baby First TV

Tillie Knock Knock: A colourful, interactive series, featuring Tilly the duck with her group of friends. The aim of the show is to provide viewers with the opportunity to learn about animals and the sounds they make.

Magic Tunnels: This animated series focuses on the adventures of Mo the Mole as she opens doors which lead to a world of colourful puzzles, building blocks and games.

Harry the Bunny: An interactive animated series featuring Harry the Bunny. This programme introduces viewers to a world of exploration and discovery as they follow Harry through his adventures and watch him learn from his interactions with the environment around him.

Bonny Bear: A cartoon series featuring Bonny the Bear and her best friend Gramophone as they work together with colour and sound. The programme aims to teach young children hand to ear coordination and about different colours.

Other programmes ofof Baby First TV:

Tell Me a Story, Arty Party, Baby First Tales, Bobby’s Balloon House, Carousel Dreams, Joey’s Toy Box, I Can Sign, Lullabies etc.

Online availability of Baby First TV:

Baby First TV provides clips and trailers of all its programmes online. Viewer registration is required in order to obtain full access to its programmes. Programs: Bonnie Bear, Tillie Knock Knock, What is it?, Puzzles, Fred & Fiona, Color Symphony, Petey Paintbrush, Picture Pad, Friendly Jack, Numbers Farm, Harry the Bunny, I Can Sign. also lullabies.

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